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The asymptote of Nicki Minaj’s booty on the Anaconda cover is y = -20x

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tumblr user: CAN *gif* WE *gif* JUST *gif* TALK *gif* ABOUT *gif* THIS *gif* FOR *gif* A *gif* MOMENT *gif* *gif *gif*

me: Chill

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you can’t say i didn’t try

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me:  this fic fucked me up so bad and i cried for hours
me:  here read it
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bae:  come over
me:  do you have food
bae:  my parents aren't home
me:  are they coming back with food
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me: *doesn’t start hw until 10 pm*

me: *at 10:15 pm* i am dROWNing in sCHOOL work why do teachers do this to me I hATE THis cruel WORLD look at all of THE iNJUSTICE 

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am I the only one who looks for my other friends’ cum socks when they leave me alone in their room to compare how their cum smells to my own?

This is why god fears his own creation
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people who dont wet their toothbrush before using it are strange and should not be trusted

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waka flocka was at otakon bye


waka flocka was at otakon bye

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